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The research conducted by the faculty members of our institute focuses on issues related to marine affairs, environment, and resources. Examples include marine protected areas, management and conservation of marine fishery resources, and coastal zone management. These studies integrate information from biological resources with discussions on policies, laws, and social sciences. This interdisciplinary approach allows for a more in-depth understanding of the subject matter, providing administrative units with more accurate decision-making reference materials. The goal is to become one of the essential think tanks for national marine affairs in the future.

The institute has also established the "Sustainable Islands Research Center" and the "Shark Sustainability Research Center," with a focus on island conservation and the management and conservation of fishery resources. Research teams are formed based on the expertise of the institute's faculty members to undertake related research projects. In the past, the institute led and executed an integrated project on the "Planning of the Guishan Island Marine Protected Area" funded by the National Science Council. In the future, the institute plans to organize research teams that involve faculty members from our institute, other departments within the university, and relevant faculty from other institutions. These teams will propose integrated projects to government and corporate sectors, continuing to conduct research on various topics.