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Curriculum planning

Credit requirement:

  • 1 to 4 years
  • Minimum 24 credits (8 compulsory; 16 elective)
  • Complete thesis writing to obtain a Degree in Master of Science


Topic on Dynamics of Marine Ecosystem:

Special Topic on Dynamics of Marine Ecosystem

System Analysis and Simulation of Ecological

Population Ecology

Climatie change and Fisheries


Topic on Resource assessment and management:

Special Topics on Marine Resources

Fishery Science and Management

Recruitment Dynamics of Marine Fish Population

Fisheries Biology

Characteristics and Analyses of Fisheries Statistic Data 

Advanced Biostatistics

Non-Parametric and Multivariate Statistical Analysis

GIS in Marine Resources Management 

The Implementation of International Fisheries

Assessment and Management of Fisheries Stock


Topic on Marine Policy and Regulation:

Marine Affairs

Ocean Governance

Marine Resource Policy and Administration

Special Topics on Marine Affairs 

Special Topics National Ocean Policy

International Law of the Sea

Marine Policy


Topic on Marine Social Science:

Special Lecture on Marine Social Science

Marine Recreation and Management

Environmental Natural Resource Economics

APEC and Marine Resources Conservation

Application of Fisheries Diplomacy


Topic on Coastal and Wetlands Management:

Coastal Management

Special Topic on Wetlands and Islands

Marine Protected Areas

Habitat Restoration

Underwater Heritage

Special Topic on Ocean Zoning

Ocean Governance