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Our goals

In order to expand students' career opportunities and increase research quality of the faculties and students, we co-operate with the Department of Environmental Biology and Fisheries Science to establish a Ph.D degree for 1 enrollment.

Educational Goals:

  1. Provides professional training to graduate students who will be capable to assess marine and ecosystem dynamics as well as make qualitative management decisions related to marine affairs after graduation.
  2. Provides an excellent academic training opportunity for students seeking professional positions in marine affairs and resources management as well as perusing their doctorate studies.
  3. Offers coursework and training in quantitative analysis, economic analysis, policy and decision-making.  
  4. Courses: Combination of natural science and social science with theoretical and practical training.
  5. Literacy: Logical thinking, initiative learning, global vision and capability on problem solving.
  6. Ability: Competitive on marine affairs and resource with social care

Publications by the faculties:

  1. Chuang et al., Marine Resource Management (Theory and practice) 
  2. Chuang et al., General Topics on Marine Affairs  

Foreign students from over 20 countries – improve language communication and nurture global vision


Academic exchange:

  • 2011-2014: Cross-strait Island Sustainable Development Forum, China
  • 2014 - present: Marine Affairs and Coastal Management Summer Camp with Tokyo University and University of Rhode Island
  • Student exchange: Nagasaki University, Japan; Ocean University of China, Xiamen University, China etc. 


APEC Marine Conservation Forum; The 2nd ~4th Ocean and Taiwan Conference; students’ presentation in conferences

Students can develop their own (Chinese and foreign) communication skills through various seminars

Outdoor activities:
On-site visits, governmental departments, field trips

Enjoy life at campus:
Christmas party, seafood festival, cross-culture activities

IMARM’s Homepage: 
Facebook and Blog – we share the latest knowledge about everything related to marine affairs.

Ocean is our future. Welcome to join us!