Institute of Marine Affairs and Resources Management

Hsiang-Wen Huang, Ph.D.


Hsiang-Wen Huang

Associate Professor

Institute of Marine Affairs and Resource Management

National Taiwan Ocean University

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Ph. D, Institute of Oceanography, National Taiwan University




1.         2012-          Associate Professor of Institute of Marine Affairs and Resource. Research on bycatch of longline fisheries and international fisheries management.

2.         2008-2012, Assistant Professor of Institute of Marine Affairs and Resource Management. National Taiwan Ocean University. Studies on bycatch issues, coastal longline fisheries investigation, etc. During the period, she has visiting University of Washington as visiting scholar for three months.

3.         1999-2008, Section Chief of Department of Deep Sea Fisheries, Fisheries Agency, Taiwan, is responsible for international negotiations with regional fisheries organizations, Taiwanese distant water fisheries management, and bycatch issues, has been visiting NMFS in 2003 for three months,

4.         1994-1999. Junior Specialist, Fisheries Section, Bureau of Agriculture, County Government of Taipei, is responsible for coastal fisheries resources conservation and fisheries statistics.


fisheries stock assessment, international fisheries management, marine ecosystem conservation

  Academic Activities for Students

Our lab encourage students to participate/ present in marine related Conference, such as APEC Marine Resources Conservation Roundtable Meeting, the 11th International NGO environment Forum, 2012 International Marine Protected Areas Conference, Fisheries Association Annual Conference, Animal and Ecology Conference, etc. Among these Conference, Lo li is awarded the Second award for 2010 Taiwan Marine Conservation Thesis/ Group of Marine Affairs and Islands.

 Students Thesis

Our students are not only from Taiwan but from other countries including Tuvalu, Viet Nam, and Indonesia. The research scope is boarder. For foreign students, most of them are focus on the fisheries management, capacity evaluation of their own fisheries. For domestic students, some of them are working on the research programs of Prof. Huang, such as bycatch and coastal fisheries dynamics. The others are encouraged to find their own interest and conduct related researches. For example, the thesis topics are including on diving activities, the public perceptions on marine issues, etc.

Academic Activities

International Scientific Committee of North Pacific, bycatch working grouop meeting in 2009


Visiting University of Washington in 2010( with Research staff of Prof. Parrish)

Presentation in Third RFMO Joint Meeting in 2011, La Jolla, USA.



Teaching and Courses



Debate for marine affairs

Simulation International Meetings



eaching and discussion for the class of” Marine Affairs General topics”