Institute of Marine Affairs and Resources Management

Wen-Yan Chiau, Ph.D.

Wen-Yan Chiau, Ph.D.

Professor, Institute of Marine Affairs and Resource Management

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Ph.D. in City and Regional Planning , University of Pennsylvania, U.S.A., 1991
M.A. in Urban Planning, National Chung Hsing University, 1980  
B.S. in Urban Planning, National Cheng Kung University, 1976

Research Specialties

Marine Policy, Ocean Governance, Coastal Management, Wetland Conservation, Environmental Law, Environmental Planning and Management, Maritime Heritage, APEC Marine Resource Conservation Affairs

Professional Experience


  • Professor and Director, Institute of Marine Affairs and Resource Management, National Taiwan Ocean University.  
  • Associate Professor, Dept. of Marine Environment and Engineering, National Sun Yat-sen University.


  • 8th term of legislator-at-large, convener of 8th session of Interior Committee
  • Deputy Minister of Environmental Protection Administration
  • Member, Commission on Marine Education, Ministry of Education
  • Council Member, National Council for Marine Affairs Advancement, Executive Yuan  (Cabinet)
  • Member, Commission on Research and Planning, Taiwan Coast Guard Administration, Executive Yuan (Cabinet)
  • Advisor, Advisory Commission on National Land Conservation and Development to the Presidential Hall
  • Council Member, National Council for Sustainable Development, Executive Yuan (Cabinet)
  • Advisor, Committee for Sustainable Development, Legislative Yuan (Congress)Member, Committee on Environmental Impact Assessment, Penghu County Government
  • Advisor, Kaohsiung County Government
  • Advisor, Kaohsiung City Government
  • Advisor, Pingtung County Government
  • Member, Advisor Commission on Wildlife Conservation, Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan (Cabinet)
  • Delegate of Chinese Taipei, APEC Marine Resource Conservation Working Group 
  • Senior Specialist, Construction and Planning Administration, Ministry of the Interior 


  • CEO, Foundation of Ocean Taiwan
  • President, Taiwan Association of Marine Pollution Control
  • President, Wetlands Taiwan
  • Board Member, Asia Environmental Council – Asia-Pacific NGOs Environmental Conference, Korea
  • Member, Ramsar Center Japan, Japan
  • Member, Association of Marine Affairs and Policy, Taiwan
  • Member, Society of Environmental Education, Taiwan
  • Permanent member, Society of Urban Planning, Taiwan
  • Permanent member, Society of Environmental Engineering, Taiwan
  • Permanent member, Society of Underwater Technology, Taiwan
  • Permanent member, Green Association of Kaohsiung City, Taiwan

Major bills proposed and passed

  • Environmental Education Act (2010)
  • Wetland Conservation Act (2013)
  • The Organization Act of the Council of Indigenous Peoples
  • Coastal Zone Management Act (2015)
  • Amendment of the Forestry Act - Chapter VI on Tree Protection (2015)
  • Museum Act2015
  • Greenhouse Gases Reduction and Management Act2015
  • Organic Act of the Ocean Council2015
  • Organic Act of the Coast Guard Administration, Ocean Council2015
  • Organic Act of the Marine Conservation Administration, Ocean Council2015
  • Organic Act of the National Academy for Ocean Research, Ocean Council2015
  • Underwater Cultural Heritage Preservation Act2015
  • National Land Use Planning Act2015  

Other Bills Proposed

  • Amendment of Urban Renewal Act  (2013)
  • Landscape Bill  (2014)
  • Landscape Architect Bill   (2014)
  • Marine Area Management Bill  2015
  • Amendment of Cultural Heritage Preservation Act 2015
  • Special Statute for Restoration and Pollution Remediation of Rivers 2015
  • Indigenous Peoples’ Land and Marine Area Bill2015


  • Editor-in-chief, APEC Bulletin on Marine Resource Conservation and Management. Vol. 8 (two issues) and Vol. 9 (two issues)
  • Editor, A White Paper of Marine Education, Ministry of Education
  • Editor, 2006 Marine Policy White Paper, Executive Yuan (Cabinet)
  • Organizer, The 2007 National Summit on Marine Education, Ministry of Education
  • Organizer, The 7th APEC Roundtable Meeting on the Involvement of Business/Private Sector in the Sustainability of Marine Environment, Taipei, Taiwan
  • Organizer, The 2007 International Symposium on Marine Affairs and the Law of the Sea, Taipei, Taiwan
  • Organizer, The Second Taiwan-Japan Seminar on Development and Management of Fisheries, Taipei, Taiwan
  • Organizer, The 8th APEC Roundtable Meeting on the Involvement of Business/Private Sector in the Sustainability of Marine Environment, Taipei, Taiwan
  • Co-organizer, 2007 International Conference on National Parks and Green Network – Toward “Green” Taiwan, Taipei, Taiwan 


  • Honor “Landscape Lifetime Contribution Award (public domain)” from Taiwan Institute of Landscape Architect (2016)
  • Honor “National Cheng Kung University Distinguished Alumni Award” (2015)
  • Honor SCI “Journal of Ocean and Coastal Management” outstanding essay award (2014)
  • Honor the Grand Prize of “Ford Environmental Protection Award” by leading Wetland Taiwan with “Pheasant-tailed Jacana Return Plan: the Creation of Kaohsiung Jhouzai Wetland” with 1 million conservation fund received (2003)
  • The winner of “Canadian Studies Award” in the domain of “Marine Policy and Oil Spill Response” issued by Canadian Trade Office in Taipei (2001)
  • The 2nd time winner of “Canadian Studies Award” in the domain of “Nature Conservation and Coastal Management” issued by Canadian Trade Office in Taipei (1995)
  • The 1st place of study specialized in “Environmental Protection Act” in US with scholarship of Ministry of Education (1983)
  • Honor “Ching Shi Art Award”, golden ring prize in Chinese painting category (1978)
  • 1st place of “Chinese Paintings Competition of Seven Counties in Southern Taiwan”, social group (1976) 
  • 1st place of “Chinese Paintings Competition of Seven Counties in Southern Taiwan”, college group (1975) 

International Participation

  • The leader of Executive Yuan Propaganda Delegation representing our country to attend the annual meeting of “United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) “  COP19 (Warszawa, Poland), COP20 (Lima, Peru), COP21(Paris, France)  (2013-2015)
  • The leader of Executive Yuan Delegation representing our country to attend the annual meeting of “United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) “  COP15 (Copenhagen, Denmark), COP16 Cancun, Mexico) 
  • Attend “43rd annual meeting of “Asian Pacific Parliamentarians' Union (APPU)” Tokyo), 44th annual meeting (Taipei) and 77 and 78th board meetings, and served as the leader of delegation representing our country on behalf of President of Legislative Yuan, Jing-Ping Wang; attend “45th annual meeting and 79th board meetings (Majuro, Marshall), responsible for the preparation of report and proposals of the ROC (2013-2015)
  • Attend “13th Forum of Speakers of the Legislative Bodies of Central American and Caribbean Basin/ Foro de” and present the report “the role of parliament as facing the climate change” (2012)
  • Attend “Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (“APEC”) meeting, ocean resources conservation group annual meeting, responsible for the Roundtable Meeting on the Involvement of the Business/Private Sector in the Sustainability of the Marine Environment and serve as the Editor-in-chief of APEC Bulletin on Marine Resource Conservation and Fisheries (1994-2008)
  • Editor of SCI “Journal of Ocean and Coastal Management” (2012 - present)
  • SCI Journal of Environmental Management essay review member
  • The ROC member and representative in IUCN-WCPA 
  • Director of Ramsar Center Japan


Hsiang-Wen Huang, Ph.D.


Hsiang-Wen Huang

Associate Professor

Institute of Marine Affairs and Resource Management

National Taiwan Ocean University

TEL 02-2462-2192-5608

FAX 02-2463-3986

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Ph. D, Institute of Oceanography, National Taiwan University




1.         2012-          Associate Professor of Institute of Marine Affairs and Resource. Research on bycatch of longline fisheries and international fisheries management.

2.         2008-2012, Assistant Professor of Institute of Marine Affairs and Resource Management. National Taiwan Ocean University. Studies on bycatch issues, coastal longline fisheries investigation, etc. During the period, she has visiting University of Washington as visiting scholar for three months.

3.         1999-2008, Section Chief of Department of Deep Sea Fisheries, Fisheries Agency, Taiwan, is responsible for international negotiations with regional fisheries organizations, Taiwanese distant water fisheries management, and bycatch issues, has been visiting NMFS in 2003 for three months,

4.         1994-1999. Junior Specialist, Fisheries Section, Bureau of Agriculture, County Government of Taipei, is responsible for coastal fisheries resources conservation and fisheries statistics.


fisheries stock assessment, international fisheries management, marine ecosystem conservation

  Academic Activities for Students

Our lab encourage students to participate/ present in marine related Conference, such as APEC Marine Resources Conservation Roundtable Meeting, the 11th International NGO environment Forum, 2012 International Marine Protected Areas Conference, Fisheries Association Annual Conference, Animal and Ecology Conference, etc. Among these Conference, Lo li is awarded the Second award for 2010 Taiwan Marine Conservation Thesis/ Group of Marine Affairs and Islands.

 Students Thesis

Our students are not only from Taiwan but from other countries including Tuvalu, Viet Nam, and Indonesia. The research scope is boarder. For foreign students, most of them are focus on the fisheries management, capacity evaluation of their own fisheries. For domestic students, some of them are working on the research programs of Prof. Huang, such as bycatch and coastal fisheries dynamics. The others are encouraged to find their own interest and conduct related researches. For example, the thesis topics are including on diving activities, the public perceptions on marine issues, etc.

Academic Activities

International Scientific Committee of North Pacific, bycatch working grouop meeting in 2009


Visiting University of Washington in 2010( with Research staff of Prof. Parrish)

Presentation in Third RFMO Joint Meeting in 2011, La Jolla, USA.



Teaching and Courses



Debate for marine affairs

Simulation International Meetings



eaching and discussion for the class of” Marine Affairs General topics”




Dr. Ching-Ta (TED) Chuang

Office of Marine Economics, Policy and Management


Dr. Ching-Ta (TED) Chuang is now the Professor and Director of the Institute of Marine Affairs and Resource Management, Director of Center for Sustainable Island Research, Director of the NTOU Faculty Choir at the National Taiwan Ocean University (NTOU) in Keelung, Taiwan. After earning his B.S. degree in Agricultural Economics (1984) at the National Taiwan University in Taiwan, he was granted his M.S. degree in Agricultural and Resource Economics at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (1988) and Ph.D. degree in Economics (1992) from the North Carolina State University.


Dr. Chuang has served as the Director of Institute of Fisheries Economics (now Institute of Applied Economics) and Institute of Marine Resource Management(now Institute of Marine Affairs and Resource Management) in 2000-2003 and 2005-2006, respectively.  He also served as Director of Division of Academic Exchange & Cooperation, Director of Center of Innovation & Incubator, Dean of Student Affairs office, Extension Professor and School’s Guidance Counselor at the NTOU. In 1997-1998, he was honored as a Fulbright scholar visiting at the University of Delaware and University of Rhode Island, and a Yoneyama scholar visiting at the Kagoshima University, Japan in years 2004-2005. In 2001 and 2007, he was honored as the “The Outstanding Teacher of the Year” and “The Outstanding Industrial Researcher of the Year” by the NTOU respectively, “The Outstanding Agriculturist of the Year” by Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan, Taiwan in 2004, and “The Outstanding Extension Professor” by Taiwan Agricultural Extension Association in 2006. 


Teaching and Research Interests

Dr. Chuang's expertise is in fields of marine economics & leisure industry, marine sociology and community development, island sustainability & marine ecological conservation, and marine environmental policy. He is co-author of the first book on fisheries economics in Chinese entitled Fisheries Economics: Theory and Practices published in November 2001 by National Institute for Compilation and Translation; co-author of the Environment and Natural Resource Economics, published in August 2003 by Ministry of Education.  In addition, there are four books printed in between  2008-2013 titled “Marine Resource Management: Theory and Empirical”, “The Theory and Application of Marine Tourism and Recreation” “Marine Recreation Planning and Management” and “Introduction of Marine Affairs.”  During his 21 years as a planner and economist, he has served as both project manager and principal advisor on a wide range of projects related to the economic and marine affairs.  In addition to giving lectures, public speaking, conducting research projects and advising graduate students, he actively participates in related governmental affairs and serves as a member of various governmental ad hoc committees. He established the Taiwan Fisheries Economic Development Association and Taiwan Ocean Conservation Association in 2001 and 2007 respectively, and elected as the first President of both associations. Currently, he serves as board of editors of various famous academic Journals.  As part of his active involvement in international matters vis-à-vis the marine affairs, Dr. Chuang has been one of the delegates of the Chinese Taipei Delegation in the APEC, APO, FAO, PECC, WTO and several regional fisheries organizations since 1994.



I. Marine Economics & Leisure Industry

Nowadays, except the marine resource utilization, human-being economic development has turned to the ocean in compliance with the marine century.  Besides, marine tourism is getting important, industrialized and economic scales due to the advanced technology in transportation. The research topics we study include: the blue economy, marine tourism, fisheries economics, cruise & yacht industry, economic impacts & benefits evaluation. 


II. Marine Sociology & Community Development

Not only the origins of live & culture, oceans also provide food, transportation, energy, leisure opportunity for human-being. Taiwan is geographically unique and surrounded by seas which support key elements for our economy & daily living.  Thus, it is very important to develop marine-based knowledge for our people, especially at the community level. The research topics we study include: community-based diversification & globalization, community rejuvenation, community sustainability model.


III. Island Sustainability & Ocean Ecological Conservation

Taiwan plays a very important role  in the western pacific island chain and possess a key position among the northern-east Asia network.  Thus, the health of islands & oceans is getting very important when the Earth is now facing the extremely climate change & global warming. The research topics we study include: island data mining, ocean health index, biodiversity, ecological service evaluation, and marine conservation.


IV. Marine Environmental Policy & MSP

Concerning the limitation on land-based natural resources, most countries now focus on sea-based natural resources, especially after entry into force of the UNCLOS in 1994. Today, major coastal States have built up their ocean laws, upgrade their bureaus of ocean governance, and develop their marine strategies.  The research topics we study include: marine spatial planning (MSP), marine protected area (MPA), integrated coastal zone management ( ICZM), artificial reef deployment (ARs), ocean governance & policy.

Shih-Ming Kao, Ph.D.

Shih-Ming Kao, Ph.D.

Assistant Research Fellow


University of Delaware


Dr. Shih-Ming Kao is currently an Assistant Research Fellow in the Institute of Marine Affairs and Resource Management, National Taiwan Ocean University in Keelung, Taiwan, R.O.C. beginning from 1 January 2013.  In his early years, Dr. Kao trained as a marine ecologist in the Department of Marine Resources, National Sun Yat-sen University. 

After voluntarily served in Taiwan Navy as a sonar petty office, second class for three and a half years, Dr. Kao shifted to the field of marine policy in 2001, worked at the Center for Marine Policy Studies, National Sun Yat-sen University as a research assistant for six years, and received his master degree from the Institute of Marine Resource Management, National Taiwan Ocean University in 2006.  In the same year, Dr. Kao won a full scholarship from the Ministry of Education in the field of Marine Policy, and went to the United States to pursue his doctorate degree.  He received his Ph.D. degree in Marine Policy from the University of Delaware in January 2012.  His doctoral dissertation was titled “Assessing Regional Cooperation among All Parties as an Alternative to Sovereignty Disputes in the South China Sea.”  After receiving his degree, Dr. Kao was back to the Center as a Post-doctoral Fellow first, and moved to his current position a year later.

Dr. Kao is interested in the fields of Marine Policy, the Law of the Sea, South China Sea Issues, and International Fisheries Management.  His recent researches include Taiwan’s participation in the regional fisheries management organizations (RFMOs), international developments to combat illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing, and regional governance regime in the South China Sea.  Since March 2012, Dr. Kao has been invited as a legal expert to accompany and advise Taiwan’s delegations in several RFMOs.



Ph.D. in Marine Policy, University of Delaware, U.S.A., 2008-2012

M.S., National Taiwan Ocean University, TAIWAN, R.O.C., 2003-2006

B.S., National Sun Yat-sen University, TAIWAN, R.O.C., 1993-1997.



1.      Marine Policy

2.      Law of the Sea

3.      International (Fisheries) Law

4.      International Organizations

5.      The South China Sea Issues


Selected Publications

1.       Shih-Ming Kao. Cooperation as An Alternative in the South China Sea: Existing Practices and Lessons Learned from the Mediterranean Sea and the Caribbean Sea.”  Submitted to Coastal Management Journal (SSCI) on 16 January 2013.

2.       Shih-Ming Kao. PotentialAlternatives to the Disputes in the South China Sea: An Analysis. China Oceans Law Review.  Accepted and to be Published.

3.       Shih-Ming Kao (2012). Fishing Entity in International Law: A Review of Taiwan’s Practice in the Pacific Ocean. Journal of the Fisheries Society of Taiwan, 39(3): 149-161.

4.       Shih-Ming Kao, Nathaniel S. Pearre, and Jeremy Firestone (2012). Regional Cooperation in the South China Sea: Analysis of Existing Practices and Prospects. Ocean Development and International Law, 43:283-295. (SSCI)

5.       Shih-Ming Kao, Nathaniel S. Pearre, and Jeremy Firestone (2012). Adoption of the Arctic Search and Rescue Agreement: A Shift of the Arctic Regime toward Hard Law Basis? Marine Policy, 36(3): 832-838. (SSCI)



Chih-Shin Chen, Ph.D.

Research Interests 

My current research is mainly in biology and ecology of the exploited species, particularly on the biology and ecology of cephalopods, but also on biodiversity. The topics include population structure, population dynamics, distribution pattern, suitable habitats and temporal trends. The objective is to understand life-history traits of exploited species, variability in spatial patterns and temporal trends and explore the underlying mechanism. These information may applied to strategies for ecosystem approaches to fisheries.


(Photo on 24-Jan-2013)


. Biology and ecology of cephalopods

Study on biodiversity, life-history traits and population structure of cephalopods. The topics include (1) Species composition of myopsid squids in Yi-lan Bay, (2) Growth and maturation of Illex argentinus in the Southwest Atlantic, (3) Life-history traits and population structure of Ommastrephes bartramii in the North Pacific, (4) Trace element concentrations in the tissues of cephalopod species in Yi-lan Bay, (5) Growth and maturation of Sepioteuthis lessoniana off north Taiwan, (6) Growth and maturation of Uroteuthis (Photololigoedulis) in Yi-lan Bay.


II. Population dynamics of exploited marine resources

Study on spatial ecology, stock assessment and population dynamics of the exploited species. The topics include (1) Spatial and temporal pattern of Illex argentinus in the Southwest Atlantic, (2) Spatial dynamics of Ommastrephes bartramii in the North Pacific, (3) Spatial pattern and stock assessment of Dosidicus gigas in the East Pacific. 


III. Climate changes and fishery

Study on synergistic effects of climate change and fishing pressure on population parameters of the exploited species. The topics include (1) Abundance trend of Ommastrephes bartramii stocks in the North Pacific, (2) Landing trends of fisheries off North Taiwan and the effects of environmental and fishery factors, (3) Abundance variation of Engraulis japonicus around North Taiwan and environmental influences. 


IV. Strategies for fisheries management

Based on information of the exploited species, we may support to fisheries officials in strategies of fisheries management, planning the regulation and suggestion for conservation. The current issues include (1) Scientific working group of South Pacific Regional Fisheries Management Organizations (SPRFMO), (2) Scientific working group of North Pacific Fisheries Council (NPFC), (3) Management of Taiwan’s precious coral fishery.